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Open Source Projects

Foxtrot Technologies Inc. is involved in the development of many open source projects. These contributions are mostly a result of the willingness from some of our customers to contribute to the open source community.

Java DjVu

Java DjVu is an open source applet and Java Bean for displaying DjVu documents on the web and desktop. Originally, LizardTech Inc. contracted Foxtrot Technologies Inc. to produce a prototype applet they could use to demonstrate DjVu documents on client computers. When LizardTech Inc. released the source code under a GPL, Internet Archive contracted us to improve the applet and make it suitable for digital library projects.

vtk Qt

In a recent project designing and building a custom application to design automobile parts, we used Matthias Koenig's vtkQt as a way to 3D models in vtk with Qt. However, in the process we discovered a problem that causes reference of deallocated memory. Our patched version fixes that bug and is posted here at Matthias Koenig's request.